Welcome To Your Breathwork@Home Community Breathe

26 June 2.30 – 5.30pm BST

Thank you for adventuring in Holotropic States of Consciousness.

For 1000’s of years humankind has entered into Holotropic States of Consciousness (HSC) in different ways, in different cultures around the globe. Why? For the purpose of connecting with their own inner wisdon, for inspiration and for healing, for their own benefit and for the benefit of the tribe.

Many people report, and it has been my personal experience, that journeying in HSC has been instrumental in helping them to connect with who and what they truly are and with what their lives are about.

It can be incredibly empowering as it all comes from within.

Our time together:

I look forward to holding space for you vitually in your home via Zoom.

Below is some important preparation and safety information both written and contained within the videos. I will be assuming that you will have read it and will have watched the videos – what is contained therein is important to make your experience as safe as possible and to help you get the most from your experience.

Imagine if you will a room where there is a circle of chairs, and within that circle there is a place just for you. A safe place where all of you is welcome – your light and your shadow. I invite you to claim your space.

The format for the session will be:

  • Coming to presence
  • Opening circle
  • Breathwork session
  • Integration activity
  • Sharing circle

The session includes a 55 mins breathwork and a generous allocation for a more indepth integration. Integration is the foundation from which helpful changes in your life take root.

Community breathes are held monthly and are listed on the events page.​

There are some practical considerations for working in a virtual space. Please show yourself to the group by keeping your camera on. We will be making use of the chat facility and emoticons as additional means of communication. To prevent audio distortion we will mute our microphone when we are not speaking.

Preparation for your sessions:

One of the things that we’ve learned about this work is that the process begins as soon as you commit to coming to the breathwork. How you prepare yourself can really support your experience.

What is your intention for the session? What questions would you like answers to? – it will serve you to be clear with these questions and develop a deeper connection with them in the lead up to your session..

Notice and record in your journal, what catches your attention such as your thoughts, dreams and synchronicities leading up to your sessions – they could be significant.

Eat nutritious and healthy foods, avoiding alcohol and high carb consumption, especially for a couple of days before. The clearer our physical body is the easier the messages come through from the unconscious.

You will need to make yourself comfortable either sitting or better still, lying down.

Breathe on a reasonably empty stomach – you don’t want to be breathing just after your lunch.

Have some tissues nearby and something to spit into if needed.

A blindfold helps to keep the journey internal – that’s where the action is and that is where the work is.

Have a drink of water handy and something to eat for afterwards – it helps to ground yourself.

Have a decent pair of headphones or speakers to listen to the music through – the music needs to be played quite loud.

If your wifi is dodgy at times a wired connection to your device can help. If there are others living in the space you might make a request to have sole us of the wifi and disconnect any other devices that will be calling on the available bandwidth.

For your integration activity keep your journal with you and /or some art materials so you can start to land and record your experience in this reality.

If it speaks to you , create an altar on which to place precious objects, your written intention and/or questions, candle, photographs of important people and places in your life and maybe something from,  or that represents, nature.

Signal Group

You will be invited to join a communty Signal group, for all who have enjoyed this experience, so that you can meet your fellow travellers beforehand and can continue to be connected afterwards.  Signal is a secure messaging service with end to end enryption and is safer for conversations that might lean towards the psychedelic.


Considerations for Working in Holotropic States?

In this video (click the image to the right) I explain Holotropic States and the considerations you might want to make when you work in that territory.

I encourage you to watch it before your session and it will hopefully support you further in your preparation and provide some further context for your experience.

Awareness Positioning System

This is one of the self enquiry tools that we use in breathwork to orientate ourselves in the experience. In the video to the left (click image) Tav Sparks describes the tool he created in the context of watching a movie. When listening to it, transpose watching a movie with watching your experience in the breathwork session – its the same process.

Safety, Safety, Safety:


If you are asthmatic have your inhaler nearby.
Do not take recreational drugs at least 24 hours beforehand.
You need to keep your camera on and positioned so I can see you.
Will it be safe to give full vocal expression to your experience? If not then you might want a pillow to scream into if needed.

It is a good idea to move any hard objects away from your workspace/mat or cover them with cushions. It would also be good to place cushions around your mat to help you maintain a sense your workspace boundary.

No part of the session is to be recorded either by video or audio.



Caledonian Holotropic Retreat Fund

The fund was set up to provide a resource for those who need financial support in attending an event. Donations are very much welcomed and utilised.



Joining the session:

The button below will give you access to your session. My ask is that you do not share it as all participants need to have been assessed and need to have completed the online breathwork initiation to contribute to a safer and stronger container for the work.

Wishing you a conscious preparation

I look forward to holding space for you

May we be well

May we be whole

May we live in deep peace


“The breath is a mechanism for deep intimate connection with the self. The breath connects us all to everything and everyone – we stand under the same sun and we share the same air” – Mark Baugh

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