The Adventure

Adventuring in Holotropic states is a great way to connect with your deep inner healing wisdom – to know yourself. If held well, with right set & setting nothing is done to you – the information presents from within as we dive deep and we only go deep when it is safe. There is some necessary preparation for whatever method you choose, to enter the Holotropic state. There are also some tools you need in your kit bag to help keep you oriented and to help you make meaning of, and integrate, the experience, so you can confidently make those helpful changes in your life. At Caledonian Holotropic we take preparation and integration just as seriously as the session itself.

Below are some links to tools that we have found useful in our own journey…

Johari Window

Hero’s Adventure

Right Set

Right Setting

Inner Healer

Grof’s Cartography

Awareness Positioning System


Spiritual Practice

Non-Violent Communication

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty “Yes” to your adventure” – Joseph Campbell

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