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Great to have you back! This community breathwork, held on the 4th Sunday of each month via Zoom, is an opportunity to drop in and connect with your inner wisdom, your creative potential and take yet another step towards healing and wholeness. For your diary the dates are displayed on the events page. This space welcomes those that have completed the Breathwork@Home Foundation. Completing the foundation first creates a safer space for all as it orientates folk to the format of the work, the agreements we share and the inner inquiry that is necessary to make meaningful and helpful life changes. It allows us to connect at a shared deeper level. Format The format of the session will be:

  • Coming to presence
  • Check-in
  • Session – 1 hour breathwork
  • Journalling/artwork
  • Sharing Circle
The exchange for the experience is £22.
If the exchange is unaffordable you can draw on the Caledonian Holotropic Retreat Fund for financial support by contacting Mark on 07828 752649 or
You may wish to make an additional contribution to the retreat fund which we heartily welcome in the spirit of supporting others to get access to this work and you can do that here.
Your Well-being


This work is unsuitable for those:
  • who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric or psychological condition
  • who have been diagnosed with a neurological condition
  • who have been diagnosed with a cardiac condition
  • currently holding an active emotional or psychological process
  • who suffer from asthma
If you have any doubts about the above please speak to a facilitator before booking a place. Otherwise, by making a payment to reserve your place you are confirming that the above health conditions do not apply to you.

Next Steps When you have made your payment you will receive a receipt and a welcome mail which will support your preparation for the session. We look forward to holding space for you. Deep peace to you.

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