Holotropic Taster @ Cherry Tree Lodge 11 September

Great! You are interested in adventuring in Holotropic States of Consciousness.

For 1000’s of years Humankind has entered into Holotropic States of Consciousness (HSC) in different ways, in different cultures around the globe. Why? For the purpose of learning, healing and creating for the benefit of individuals and for the benefit of the tribe.

Many people report, including ourselves, that journeying in HSC has been instrumental in helping them to connect with who and what they truly are and with what their lives are about. It is incredibly empowering as it all comes from within.

In this intimate group space, just 4 places, you can experience “dipping your toe into the Holotropic realm”. The venue is Cherry Tree Lodge and as you can see it is in an amazing natural setting.

Arriving for 10am we will start with an introduction get to know each other followed by a pre journey prep. The breathing session is followed by journalling/creating a mandala, walking in nature and a sharing circle completing with lunch and you will be away by 2pm.

The exchange is £95.

If finance is an obstacle to attending there may be some funding available from a bursary fund, please ask.

Things to bring for your session:

  • An open heart, curiosity, a sprinkling of surrender
  • A sheet, pillow case and a blanket
  • Your journal
  • There is a altar for sacred objects
  • Water bottle

I look forward to holding space and being in service.

Deep peace to you


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