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Mark Baugh

Holotropic Breathwork is one of a number of breathwork modalities I offer through “Caledonian Holotropic”,

Nora McDonnell

Nora is a retired secondary school teacher living in the west of Ireland. She enjoys bringing the  holotropic perspective to her everyday interactions with young people and in all her relationships. She has been involved with Holotropic Breathwork since the late nineties and certified as a GTT facilitator in 2011. Since then she has facilitated at workshops and training modules in Ireland, England, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Ukraine and Austria. She helps run workshops in a scenic rural setting in the west of Ireland.

She also regards herself as a freelance facilitator and enjoys travelling to share in the Holotropic Breathwork experience in all its capacities wherever it takes her. She sees Holotropic Breathwork as a way of life rather than just something she does.

Deb Harman

Deb worked in the National Health Service for over 30 years. Her career included many years as a Paramedic, and a number of Executive Director positions both within the Ambulance Service and later within a Mental Health Trust. Following her retirement from the NHS she trained as a Cranio-sacral therapist.                                   

Deb certified as a Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner® in 2011. She travelled and worked alongside Stan and his late wife, Christina Grof, and also with the late Tav Sparks whose teachings, Holotropic philosophy and way of being will always be an inspiration. She is passionate about the possibilities and hope that this transformative modality offers. Deb co-founded HolotropicUK and for ten years offered GTT Modules and regular residential and one day workshops both in the UK and abroad. She continues to dedicate much of her time to supporting and encouraging the growth of Holotropic Breathwork. Deb together with her partner, Holly, offers small Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Buckinghamshire.

Mahab Kazmi

Mahab is a Relational Body Psychotherapist, Systemic Facilitator and Psychedelic Integration Therapist. She has had experiences with expanded states for over 20 years and has been accompanying people therapeutically through integration for 14 years in private practice. Passionate about transgenerational reparation work, building bridges between communities and facilitating difficult conversations, she works creatively with clients to uncover the aliveness behind trauma through befriending different ways of sensing, storytelling and belonging. She trained as a Family Systemic Constellator with the Centre for Systemic Constellations as well as assisted on their Foundation, Applied, Advanced and Couples trainings. She co-facilitates the monthly Online psychedelic Integration circle for the Psychedelic Society with Richard Jones, is part of the OCD psychedelic research at Imperial College and trained with the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy. She has been on the Steering group board for the Bodypsychotherapy Network since 2019.

Neil Harris

I started out my professional life in a very traditional way, training in medicine, and then specialising in mental health. I worked with children and families as a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist for 30 years.

Alongside that, and over the same period of time, I have practiced as a psychotherapist, with Gestalt psychotherapy being my core model. I have been involved in holotropic breathwork since 2016, and have trained in the UK, the USA and in Europe.

I offer workshops in the New Forest, in the south of England.

Sally Hayward-Young

Inoé Fernández

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