Events are offered in the following formats:

Individual sessions – these can be booked ad-hoc.

Group sessions – currently offered in person as a day, a weekend or a themed event or on-line and are listed below.

Events where I am invited to co-facilitate are also listed here.

Wednesdays 6.45pm : Heartfulness Meditation – by Zoom

Regular meditation is an essential personal resource when working in Holotropic States. Heartfulness offers a simple and practical approach to meditation and relaxation which is easy to learn and integrate into your daily life. You meditate on your heart. As you tune into your heart through regular meditation you can find yourself more in touch with your feelings, more compassionate, less judgemental and better able to understand yourself and other people.

2024 Events

27 June @ 6.30 – 9pm :  Breathwork As A Psychedelic Experience – Online Gathering By Donation

Join us for this experiential,  online taster session, by donation, for the weekend training “Breathing Into Liminality – Exploring Psychedelic Assisted Therapy”.

28 June @ 7- 9.30pm :  Holotropic Taster – Zoom gathering by donation

In this live Zoom session you can experience “dipping your toe into the Holotropic realm”.

2 August @ 7pm :  What is Holotropic Breathwork? – Free Zoom session

In this live Zoom session Mark Baugh will share with you some highlights of this incredible self-empowering tool to have in the backpack for life’s adventure.

22 – 25 August :  Holotropic Double Breathwork Scotland

Join us in surfing your inner landscape in a holotropic state of consciousness. The vehicle is your body – the technology is Holotropic Breathwork™ – the fuel is your breath.

This event is open to all and can also be used, for those doing the Grof Transpersonal Training, towards the personal breathwork requirements outside of the modules.

30 November – 1 December @ :  Breathing Into Liminality – Exploring Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Join us for an immersive two day in-person event offering a safe and supportive environment, to expand skills, knowledge and insight by journeying in Holotropic States of Consciousness (HSC) using breathwork enhanced by online preparation and integration.

This training is for therapists and practitioners who are on a journey of self awareness and…

* Are interested in the rapidly growing field of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PAT).
* Are working, or considering work, in the field of PAT and are looking for a space to reflect on practice.
* Are looking to enhance any theoretical PAT training they may have completed or are considering attending.
* Are looking to build relationships with like-minded people to support accountability and practice in this unregulated therapeutic domain.

…with a few more to come…

“One who looks outside dreams, One who looks inside awakes” – Carl Jung

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