Art plays an important role in the integration process following an adventure in Holotropic States. It is a non-verbal expression from the right brain of the experience before articulating it from the left brain. It is not an art competition. It supports the transition back into the 3D world, provides a satisfying closure and is a means of sharing with others what happened.

Here you will find some examples of Holotropic Art…

Holotropic Mandala and Collage Gallery

Using Mandalas for Integration

John Ablett shares a story illustrating of how he uses mandalas to integrate his Holotropic experiences.

Breath Of The Warthog

By moviemaker and fellow Holotropic Breathwork facilitator Yohan Fish of Tribal Breathwork in Buenos Aires.

Asklepion Art Galleries

Asklepion was the temple the ancient Greeks visited to have dreams of healing. Here fellow Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, John Ablett, showcases several decades of his transpersonal artwork, visual depictions of spiritual emergency and holotropic breathwork experiences.

Unlimitations #3

An aural stream of consciousness that utilises music, sfx, story, theatre and conversations with thinkers on the world stage, often centred around the exploration of the nature of reality and consciousness that has been created by the award winning film sound mixer, Paul Finan. It is best listened to, using headphones, in the dark.

Art For Sale

The John Ablett Gallery

The John Ablett gallery is a unique collection of visionary images spanning the full range of human experience. Drawing on myths, symbols and stories, these meticulously detailed mandalas depict journeys between the threshold of life and death, leading to awe-inspiring moments of sacred encounter and archetypal intensity.

The John Reilly Gallery

The John Reilly Gallery is a collection of art that can speak to the soul. There are around 50 images that uniquely express the links between matter and spirit, light and shadow, male and female with an uncanny relevance to contemporary life.


“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing” – Georgia O’Keefe

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