27 – 30 October 2022 – Holotropic Double Breathwork

Join Mark from Caledonian Holotropic and GTT staff Holly & Deb Harman, to surf your inner landscape in holotropic states of consciousness. The vehicle is your body – the technology is Holotropic Breathwork® – the fuel is your breath.

This double breathwork, in-person event can also be used for those who have attended a Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) virtual module to complete the module requirement. It includes preparation, session and integration. Each participant will breathe twice and sit twice.

The breathwork weekend:

  • Arrival at the venue from 4.30pm and by 5.30pm on Thursday for opening circle and breathwork preparation
  • Breathwork -one session on Friday morning and one in the afternoon and the same on Saturday
  • Integration starts with mandala drawing after each breathwork session
  • Movie Yoga on the 2nd evening and celebration dance on the final evening
  • Integration continues with a sharing circle on Sunday morning completing with lunch at 1pm.

Safety is priority and as part of that participants need to complete a medical form as part of the registration. There also needs to be a commitment to fully attend the whole event.

Post Retreat Follow-up

On Sunday 6 November @ 2pm Mark will be holding space for a follow-up Zoom integration circle which is included in your retreat fee. We strongly recommend that you attend to support your integration process. You will be sent a link immediately after your retreat.


Your facilitators are:

Mark Baugh +44 (0) 7828 752649 – peace@caledonianholotropic.co.uk

Holly Harman (GTT Staff) – HollyVHarman@icloud.com

Deb Harman (GTT Staff) – debjharman@icloud.com

Please feel free to contact Mark for bookings queries and any of us for anything else.


Holy Rood House in Thirsk

Event exchange & bookings:

The exchange is £690 and includes accommodation and meals. Rooms are 75% single accomodation and are available on a first come first served basis, the remainder are twin rooms.. .


Early bird discount before 26 August 2022 = £45

You can register for the event using the link below:

We look forward to “adventuring” with you.

Mark, Deb & Holly


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