18 – 22 August – CPD Holotropic Event for Certified Facilitators

Dear Fellow Facilitators

Welcome to another CPD event for certified facilitators held in Bonnie Scotland.

It is a low-cost, collaborative 4 night event to fulfil the 1st CPD minimum requirement for facilitators of being a breather twice per year.

It will run “certification” style including preparation, session and integration with each of us rotating around a set of roles so that we breathe twice, support the safety of the sessions and the smooth running of the space thereby reducing the cost.

As before, as well as breathing and sitting twice there is space to share our passions and expertise. We can share spiritual practice methods such as, different kinds of meditations, heart circles, enjoy the art studio for mandala drawings and soul collage, join in shamanic rituals and movie yoga, maybe a fire ceremony, walk the land, swap music sets…. and whatever else your creative source wishes to offer. There can be space to share knowledge and practice bodywork techniques. The open space contributes to it being a fresh, alive and unique (learning) experience – there will never be another one like it!

There are just 14 places per event.

It is being held again at Cherry Tree Lodge in Fife, Scotland, a secluded but easy to get to retreat centre set in a stunning landscape. It has a view that nourishes the soul.  Tthe food is great, comfortable beds, lots of space, scenery superb and sufficiently secluded that no-one could hear us scream!

You will be able to extend your stay either before or after the event to explore the surrounding area. It is just an hour away from Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Highlands.

It is offered on a donation basis. As a guide the costs work out at £320 per person if 10 people attend.

All meals, refreshments and shared accommodation from Wednesday evening to Sunday lunch is included.

If you are thinking of coming, your commitment is needed by 18 May 2021 to secure the venue. If we get 6 sign ups then the event will go ahead. If not, the next event will be scheduled for March 2022.

Looking forward to “being” with you in Bonnie Scotland.

May we be whole,

May we be in peace.

Mark Baugh